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things to pay off

-power: 95$
-water: 125$
-cable/internet: 75$ (hopefully cabel's going to take care of that after friday, god knows i paid for power and water)
-seat belt citiation: 127$
-apt deposit: 600$ ASAP
-rent: 500$ by mid Sept
-tuition: 526$ by Aug 29
-bank: 235$ ASAP (but last thing i will pay off)

and i pretty much

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except seriously, i NEED ideas for halloween! it's coming so soon and i'm SO FAR BEHIND on planning! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if i ever. ever. ever had a kid i would call nancy grace to get people to be aware of my missing child. (given she is still around when/if i have kids) 

i try not to hate people, i really do but i swear to god. the people who need to rot a rotten death is the child molesters/abducters/etc. god. i can't even express how much that makes my blood boil. ugh.

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hey guise! 


friends only! tell me about yourself? interest, age, etc etc!